Provincial and Territorial Primary Mental Health Care Review

The report presents the results of the environmental scan of primary healthcare and mental health and substance use services and systems in each of the Canadian provinces and territories.  The time period being examined addresses events after the year 2000, although it is recognized that prior events can play a role in setting the direction for post year 2000 changes.  It is based upon the perspective that significant changes are occurring presently throughout the country in both the delivery of primary healthcare and mental health services.  Given the high prevalence of mental health and substance use disorders, specialized services alone cannot serve all the needs of individuals with mental health and substance use problems in Canada.  Furthermore, the policy of deinstitutionalization and the switch to provision of community based care means that primary healthcare systems are playing a large role in the care of psychiatric illnesses.  The emerging patterns of primary healthcare and mental health services constitute important factors in the development of future mental health systems of healthcare delivery across the country. 

The focus of the environmental scan is at the provincial or territorial level and it utilizes publicly available information. Information was primarily obtained through “grey literature” retrieved, for the most part, from government web sites.  Some academic literature has been used to extend the descriptions where available.  The initial information was reviewed with provincial or territorial representatives and adjusted (where necessary).

Information about each province and territory is presented as a separate chapter.  In each chapter, the first section provides brief information about relevant healthcare services provided by the province or territory.  The next sections deal with primary healthcare initiatives and mental health and substance use treatment initiatives; a brief summary concludes each chapter.  Source material is provided as references at the end of each section or as footnotes (depending on the type of material). 


Mental Health Commission of Canada 


Mental Health Commission of Canada 

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