VCH Mental Health and Addiction Client Flow Mapping

This project set out to develop an initial flow map of clients of Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) mental health and addiction services. This phase of this project was an attempt to: 

(a)  Develop an overview of how VCH currently delivers its mental health services. This would use the ideal suite of services (ISS) previously developed by the CARMHA as a starting point. 

(b)  Describe the data required to map the patient flow between the various components of the overview and assist where possible in specifying the data abstraction requirements to VCH analysts. 

(c)  Assist with the interpretation of the data obtained by VCH as related to item (b).

(d)  Write a “technical” report on the outcome of the process.

(e)  Do some preliminary work on the “knowledge transfer” process of the work. 

No primary data collection or analysis was undertaken, as one of the points of interest was if a “picture” could be built up from existing data sources available to VCH planning staff.  VCH staff (particularly those from the VCH Population Continuums Team) obtained the data and staffed the meetings.  Data was obtained by working within established VCH analysis systems (i.e., getting information off existing or developed data cubes, or summary reports easily produced from existing data systems).  CARMHA then used these reports to estimate the flow patterns.  Flow descriptions thus obtained were then presented at data group meetings and further followed up by VCH staff. 


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Jones, W., and Goldner, EM.  Vancouver Coastal Health Project Client Flow Mapping Phase 1 Report (February and March 2009).  Prepared for Vancouver Coastal Health Authority and CARMHA, April, 2009.