October 2rd, 2013: Meeting the Climate Change Challenge (MC3): Community responses to BC climate policy 

Speakers: Drs. Ann Dale, John Robinson, Meg Holden, and Stephen Sheppard

Click here to watch the recording of the event.

September 18th, 2013: Engaging with Greenest City Conversations

Speakers: Drs. John Robinson and Alissa Antle and their research team members including Susanna Haas-Lyons (MA, UBC Social Media channel), David Maggs (UBC Performing Arts channel), and Jean Hebert (SFU Mobile Applications channel)

A presentation on the Greenest City Conversations project, an innovative, interdisciplinary research collaboration with the City of Vancouver, SFU, UBC, BC Hydro, GRAND NCE, and MITACS, aimed at developing multiple channels for public engagement on municipal sustainability policies.

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Green Tech Exchange Forums - Fall 2013

December, 2013: Enabling Energy Savings with the Rise of Cloud Computing

Speakers: Michael Hrybyk, BCNETand Aaron Rallo, TSO Logic

November, 2013: Best Practices in Reducing Carbon Emissions and Costs for SMEs

Speakers: Herman Poon - T&T Supermarket Inc.; Morten Schroder - Van Houtte Coffee Services BC

October, 2013:  Galvanizing Innovative Carbon Capture Solutions from British Columbia

Speakers: Brett Henkel - Operations of Inventys Thermal Technologies, Patrick Dodd - Technology Officer of Mantra Energy Alternatives

September, 2013: Advances in the Electrification of Transportation: Design, Innovation and User Experience

Speakers: Jean-Michel (J-M) Toriel, Joey Jung, John Stonier, Mike Volker and Walter Cicha.

Sponsored by the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions.

PICS Public Forum

June 12, 2013: Canada's Energy Future

With Preston Manning and Jeffrey Simpson

How do we fulfill our energy demands for the next 50 years while meeting the climate Change challenge?

To watch the video please click here

Green Tech Exchange Forums - Spring 2013

June 26th, 2013: Harmonizing Energy and Food - An Expert Panel on Bioenergy and Agriculture

May 22nd, 2013: Integrating Smart Technologies in a Distributed Environment - A Case Study on Energy Management

Speaker: Victor Goncalver, Director of Research & Advanced Development at Alpha Technologies

April 17th, 2013: Energy Storage: The Promises and Challenges of a Massive Market

Speaker: Dr. Peter Walters

Sponsored by the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions

PICS Special Lectures - Spring 2013

March 6th, 2013: Coal, Climate, Corn, Coral and Consequences: Connecting the Dots

Speaker: Dr. Tom Pedersen, PICS Executive Director

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PICS UBC SFU Lecture Series Spring 2013

February 21st, 2013:  "Electric Vehicles: Matching Low-Carbon Technology to People and Policy"

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Dr. Jonn Axsen,  Assistant Professor, Sustainable Energy, SFU.

For decaces, the promise of electric-powerd vehicles has inspired hope for a clean, low-carbon, petroleum-free transportation system.  So where are these electric vehicles? Dr. Jonn Axsen draws from in-depth market and technical research to explore society's readiness for such a transition --and outline the policies required to get there.

January 29th, 2013:   Fuel Cell Systems and Power Converters: Technology, innovation an aplications"

Recording available of the first part.

Dr. Erik Kjeang provided an overview of fuel cell systems as clean electricity generators for transportation and other uses. Highlighting the most recent innovations developed at SFU in collaboration with Ballard Power Systems.

Dr. Martin Ordonez gave an overview of UBC's research and development on power converters and effective system integration.

Carbon Talks Series - Spring 2013

July 22nd, 2013: High Tide on Main Street, Speaker: John Englander

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March 1st, 2013: A mayor's vision of how to fund regional public transportation, Speaker: Richard Walton

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February 15th, 2013: 2 Degrees: The Built Environment and our Changing Climate

Speaker: Cole Roberts 

Cole Roberts is the acclaimed author of  "2 Degrees: The Built Environement and our Changing Climate". Join us for a lively dialogue on resiliency, adaptation and discover how we can beautify our communities even in the face of climate change challenges.

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January 31st, 2013: Earth Hour City Challenge: meet the Canadian finalists

With more than 70% of the world’s CO2 emissions generated by cities, the Earth Hour City Challenge has been created to mobilize action and support from cities in the global transition towards a climate friendly one-planet future.

The challenge invites cities to submit inspiring and credible urban development plans that dramatically increase the city’s use of renewable energy. The plans and relevant data are submitted via an internationally recognized carbon reporting platform for cities, managed by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability. Outreach and support to cities will be provided in collaboration with ICLEI and the final plans and data reviewed by an international jury.

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