Sina Fatolahzadeh

Ph.D. Candidate
Earth Sciences

Areas of interest

Slope stability assessment, remote sensing


Assessment of rock mass parameters using different field remote sensing techniques and numerical modeling with application to rock slides and rockfalls.

This project investigates disparate remote sensing methods to implement an accurate platform for periodic monitoring along major transportation routes such as highways and railways for potential rock slope hazard assessment. In this case, three-dimensional terrestrial laser scanning will be applied to create dense point cloud data for generating 2D or 3D models for numerical modeling. The results of laser scanning, are the input of the numerical modeling and computational analysis. However, it needs some laboratory and infield tests to obtain the quantity and quality of the rock characteristics. For rock slope analysis, the discrete element models are required and the most widespread software, UDEC, and 3DEC will be applied. To determine displacements of the Earth's surface from a broader perspective, UAVs with multispectral cameras or LIDAR will be applied.