Media Resources

Members of the CNHR are happy to provide media interviews (either on or off camera) regarding a wide range of natural hazards and our research. Journalists seeking additional information or wishing to be put in touch with one of our experts should email

CNHR in the News

Global News: M7 Earthquake in Alaska
Dec. 2018 - Brent Ward

CBC The National: Kilauea volcano eruption would be extremely hazardous
May 2018 - Glyn Williams-Jones

CBC The Current: Extremely dangerous': Unclouding the threat of Bali's Mount Agung volcano
Nov. 2017 - Glyn Williams-Jones

My Favourite Mountain
Dec. 2016 - John Clague

Glacier and ice-sheet dynamics in a warming world
Apr. 2008 - Gwenn Flowers

CBC The National: Climate change could wake up Canada's dormant volcanoes
Dec. 2018 - Glyn Williams-Jones & Gio Roberti

CTV News: Earthquake in Taiwan
Feb. 2018 - Brent Ward

Lava lake laboratory
Jul. 2017 - Glyn Williams-Jones

CBC Quirks & Quarks: The Future of Fresh Water
Feb. 2015 - Diana Allen

CBC The National: Yukon glaciers and what they say about climate change
Oct. 2018 - Gwenn Flowers

Resources for Future Generations conference
Nov. 2017 - Glyn Williams-Jones

Mr Meager - The Mount Meager project
Mar. 2017 - Gio Roberti

Magnitude 9: The Largest Earthquakes on Earth Happen in BC
Feb. 2014 - John Clague