Citizen Science Initiatives

The CNHR is pleased to work with interested members of the public to answer research questions and develop tools to enhance our understanding and ability to respond to natural hazards.

Support CNHR: If you would like to contribute your time or expertise to any of the following initiatives, we are always looking for help so please let us know!  You can also make a financial donation if you prefer and automatically receive a tax receipt.

Natural Hazards Digital Photo Archive

Inspired by the Mountain Legacy Project, we are working with members of the public to scan, catalogue and curate photo collections as a means of preserving a record of Canada's changing landscape. These images will be stored securely in the Natural Hazards Knowledge Portal and licensed through Creative Commons.

We are actively looking for help to expand this archive via access to your photos, your knowledge, and time. You can also Donate now to help expand our suite of slide scanning systems.

Natural Hazards Knowledge Portal

We are developing a "one stop shop" for natural hazards information. Our aim is to securely aggregate, curate and make readily searchable data for the public as well as corporate partners and government decision makers to enhance preparedness and response.

We are currently looking for help from Citizen scientists with particular expertise in development of mobile applications.

Natural Hazards Monitoring Technology

We are currently working with corporate and public partners to develop and deploy low cost monitoring systems on unstable mountains and volcanoes in British Columbia. 

Thanks to Nupoint SystemsWeir-Jones GroupTRE-AltamiraInnergex Renewable EnergyWaterbear EnergySquamish-Lillooet Regional District and the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development.

If you have instrumentation or electronics expertise, we are always looking for help.

Natural Hazards Education & Engagement

As part of our efforts to more fully engage with the community, we would like to hear your stories! Have you had first hand experience with natural hazards in Canada or elsewhere? What did you learn from it?

Along with your stories, if you have skills in audio/visual and multimedia, we are looking for support in developing educational material for school children and the broader public.

Thinking Outside the Box

If you think of something different that Citizen Science could assist us with in terms of Natural hazards, we are wide open to your great ideas!