June 07, 2015
The field-deployable version of our PSBN test-bed.

And we’re off! The first human of the SFU team, Dr. Steve Braham, leaves for the Yukon today forICE2015, to be joined by the rest of the SFU team on Wednesday. We’ll be working with our many partners, but especially with our good friends in the Yukon Emergency Measures Organization. But one team member has already left and has arrived in the the Yukon – the fly-away version of our test-bed! We shipped it from where it was tested, last week, and have confirmed arrival. The system is far smaller than the multiple metric tonnes and often more than 70 containers we used to need for this level of communication in the North, and this is made possible by modern advanced PSBN-grade LTE comms; mobile comms solutions allow us to offset much of the fixed infrastructure needed to cover a region with communication, especially when combined with the 700 MHz spectrum allocated for Public Safety by the Government of Canada, with a similar allocation in the US, which allows for greatly increased mobile range with small systems. This opens up brand-new approaches to mission-critical comms in a wide range of fields and applications. Follow this blog and the #ICE2015 tag in social media to see what happens!