Informal dicussion with Graeme Kirkpatrick: During the 2005 DiGRA conference, Graeme Kirkpatrick, professor at the University of Manchester and author of Critical Technology: A Social Theory of Personal Computing (2004, Ashgate Press), meet with Game Lab researchers and other members of the ACT Lab to discuss his work on gaming, personal computing and Feenberg’s critical theory of technology.


Special Colloquium on Video Game Law: On November 29th, Jon Festinger (entertainment lawyer, UBC Law Professor and author of Video Game Law (2005 LexisNexus)), held a special lecture of “Video Game Law,” a third year course at the UBC School of Law, in the ACT Lab. The seminar and roundtable discussion on a variety of legal issues relating to digital games was attended by Game Lab researchers, law students from UBC and UVic, as well as Eric Gross, a partner at Gowlings (Toronto) and copyright expert. The colloquium was broadcast live (via videoconferencing) to the University of Victoria Law School, and was followed by an open “gaming” session that pitted SFU grad students against UBC law students.