The Remix Project

The concept of remix emerged with recording technology. It’s precursor is found in the tape editing techniques of Musique Concrete, and its modern incarnation is rooted in the late 60′s and early 70′s Jamaican music culture, and the disco and hip-hop DJ techniques being explored around New York during the same time period. Remixing means that a music producer re-constructs and interprets a piece of music, often into a dance music structure. Today however, the concept of remix does not just apply to dance music but has become a more general practice of re-interpreting a variety of musical genres electronically into both listening and dance genres. Today the concept of remix implies more than re-constructing music. It is also tied to the practices of sound sampling, and sound file exchange via the internet. This project not only involves remixing but could be seen as a kind of collaboration or conversation with the original acoustic composer, Gabriel Feenberg.