Darryl Cressman

PhD Candidate

School of Communication

Simon Fraser University

Darryl Cressman received his PhD from the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver in 2012 where he was a member of the Applied Communication and Technology Lab. Fascinated by the relationship between media and musical culture, he wrote his dissertation on how attentive listening shapes the design and meaning of concert halls. While completing his PhD, Darryl was also involved in studying the relationship between technology and education. He also designed and taught a number of courses while at Simon Fraser University, including The Cultural Production of Popular Music.

Since arriving at Maastricht in 2012, Darryl has published articles on Herbert Marcuse's philosophy of technology, Harold Innis's media theory, sound studies, and acoustic architecture. His book, "Building Musical Culture in Nineteenth-Century Amsterdam," was published by Amsterdam University Press in 2016. In April 2016, Darryl organized the symposium "Critical Theory of Technology & STS" with Andrew Feenberg, Sally Wyatt, Wiebe Bijker, and others.

Darryl's teaching at Maastricht is focused on the the philosophy of technology, science and technology studies, the philosophy of science, the history of philosophy, and media theory. Darryl's research is primarily oriented towards the philosophy of technology, although he also studies and publishes on media theory and sound studies. His current research examines the concepts and ideas through which people think about technology.

E-mail: dcressma [at] sfu [dot] ca


Book Chapter

Friesen, Norm & Cressman, Darryl. (2007). “The Political Economy of Technical E-Learning Standards” In Koolhang, A. & Harman, K. (eds.), Learning Objects: Theory, Praxis, Issues & Trends. Warsaw: Informing Science Press. pp. 507-526.


Friesen, N. & Cressman, D. (2010). "Media Theory, Education and the University: A Response to Kittler’s History of the University as a Media System." Canadian Journal of Media Studies. 7(1). [Link]

Presentations and Lectures

"Music as Media: An Innisian History of Western Musical Culture" Media Transatlantic: Media Theory in North America & Germany, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, April 2010.

"Technology & Listening to Music: From the Concert Hall to the mp3" Society for Philosophy & Technology, University of Twente, Enschede NL. July 2009.

"The Concert Hall and the Materiality of Listening"  Technology, Management and Policy Conference, Utrecht University.  June 2008. 

"The mp3 & Sociotechnical Forms of Music: Agency & Experience". (Re) Inventing the Internet.  Simon Fraser University, Vancouver. February 2007.

First International Colloquium, "Playful Identities: Research Methods and Digital Media". Erasmus University, Rotterdam NL, September 2006. 

"Technology & The Good Life: Technical Codes & Formal Bias" Presentation given at the University of Twente NL, Department of Philosophy, September 2006 

“Revealing Experiential Dimensions of Online Education: The Methodology of the Anecdote in Human Science Research”. Presented at the annual meeting of Phenomenology, Organization & Technology. University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam NL, September 2006.

“Critical theory of technology, technological rationality and communications technology”. Presented in New Approaches to communication technologies: The critical theory of technology panel, in Annual Meeting of the Canadian Communication Association.  York University, Ontario. June 2006. [Co-presented with E. Hamilton]

"Black Boxing Information and Communications Technology: Users, Designers & Function". Presented in Annual Meeting of the Canadian Communication Association.  University of Western Ontario, London ON, June 2005.

"Understanding The Phenomenology of Technology & Educational Media through Breakdowns." The Society for Phenomenology & Media Annual Conference, Western Oregon University, USA. May 2005.