Florence Chee


School of Communication

Simon Fraser University

Dr. Florence Chee is Assistant Professor of Digital Communication and Director of the Social & Interactive Media Lab (SIMLab) at Loyola University Chicago. Her research examines the social and ethical dimensions of emergent digital lifestyles with a particular focus on games, social media, mobile platforms, and translating those insights across industrial, governmental, and academic sectors. She has designed and taught graduate and undergraduate courses at the intersection of society and technology, including game studies, where students engage with debates surrounding diversity, intersectionality, and media production through social justice frameworks.

E-mail: fchee [at] sfu [dot] ca


Edited Books

Kim, S. D., and F. Chee (Eds.). (2004). Mobile Communication and Social Change: 2004 International Conference on Mobile Communication. Seoul, Korea: Institute for Communication Arts & Technology, Hallym University.

Book Chapters

Chee, F, & R. Smith (2007). "Online gamers and the ambiguity of community: Korean definitions of togetherness for a new generation." Paper selected for publication in (Eds.) M. Consalvo and M. Haythornthwaite. AOIR INternet Annual, Volume 4. 

Chee, F., M. Vieta, & R. Smith. (2006). Online gaming and the interactional self: Identity interplay in situated practice. In J. P. Williams, S. Q. Hendricks & W. K. Winkler (Eds.), Gaming as culture: Social reality, identity and experience in role-playing, collectible, and computer games. Jefferson, NC: McFarland Publishing.

Chee, F., & R. Smith. (2005). Is electronic community an addictive substance? An ethnographic offering from the EverQuest community. In S. Schaffer & M. Price (Eds.), Interactive Convergence in Multimedia – Probing the boundaries (Vol. 10): The Inter-Disciplinary Press.


Chee, F., & K. Stewart. (Forthcoming). Collateral damage in the need to lead: Korea’s move from ICT strategies to gaming promotion. Cultural Politics. Special issue on gaming, edited by Graeme Kirkpatrick and Helen Kennedy (Invited paper).

Chee, F., & Jin, D.Y. (2008). "Age of the new media empires: A critical interpretation of the Korean online game industry." Games and Culture: A Journal of Interactive Media. Thousand Oaks, Ca: Sage Publications, Vol.3, No.1.

Chee, F. (2006) "The games we play online and offline: making Wang-tta in Korea." Journal of Popular Communication. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Inc, Vol. 4, No.3.

Conference Proceedings

Chee, F. (2005). "Understanding Korean experiences of online game hype and identity and the menace of the "Wang-tta,"" Selected Papers of Changing Views: Worlds at Play, Digital Games Research Association (DIGRA) International Conference, pp. 111-122

Presentations and Lectures 

"Apollo and Dionysus Meet Korean Online Game Communities." Canadian Communication Association (CCA) Conference, Toronto, Canada, June 2006.

"France’s Videotex and Korean online games: two case studies of technology policy as myth, modernity, and mess. Technology, Management, and Policy Graduate Consortium, Lisbon, Portugal, June 2006.

"The role of Korean cultural industries in excessive game play." Western Canadian Communication Graduate Conference, Nelson, Canada, March 2006.

"Everyday lives and games in Korea: finding communities with new media ethnography." Invited presentation, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, October 2005.

"Online gamers and the ambiguity of community: Korean definitions of togetherness for a new generation." Association of Internet Researchers (AOIR): Internet Generations 6.0, Chicago, USA, October 2005.  Co-presented with R. Smith.

"Questioning the future of policy on addiction to online games: an ethnography of the visible, invisible, and transparent in Korea." Technology and Policy Program Graduate Consortium,Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Cambridge, USA, June 2005. * Winner of Faculty award for "Best Masters Research Presentation"

"Game play at work: media and motivation in a Korean context." Canadian Communication Association (CCA) Conference, London, Canada, June 2005.

"Proposing and preparing a research project – experiences from Korea." Invited Lecturer, School of Communication, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, May 2005.

"The social club redefined: an ethnographic analysis of online game addiction in Korea." Western Canadian Communication Graduate Conference Nelson, Canada, March 2005.

"Identity and addiction: looking at online game play in Korea." Invited Lecturer, Hallym University, Department of Communication, Chuncheon, Korea, October 2004.

"Online Game Communities and the Interactional Self: Modes of Mediation and the possibility of integrated personhood." Canadian Communication Association (CCA) Conference Winnipeg, Canada, June 2004.  Co-presented with M. Vieta.

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"Is Electronic Community an Addictive Substance?" Canadian Communication Association (CCA) Conference Halifax, Canada, June 2003.  Co-presented with R. Smith.