Michael Felczak


School of Communication

Simon Fraser University

Michael Felczak has recently completed his PhD at the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University. Michael's research examined the production and consumption of new communication technologies with a focus on the promotional activities of manufacturers and technology media publishers and the ways in which users engage with these promotional circuits in online media environments. Michael's research also examined the ways in which these communication flows and cultural practices mediate technology obsolescence and contribute to unsustainable modes of technology production and consumption in light of global environmental risk.

Michael has also been actively engaged with online scholarly publishing since 2005 in various capacities as a developer, online editor, and researcher. He is currently the Publishing Services Coordinator at the Public Knowledge Project, an ambitious undertaking based at Simon Fraser University that aims to redefine scholarly publishing by enabling academics and university libraries to regain control over scholarly communication and improve public access to publicly-funded research. Michael holds a PhD and MA in Communication from Simon Fraser University and a BMath in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo.

Please see Michael’s website for a detailed summary of his current projects and publications