AMECom is one of our research vehicles. It will carry the testbed systems to sites that can be reached by roads and is the core of our first major test – DUNE2014.

The Field Operational Test Facility for Next-Generation Interoperable Mission-Critical Communications Project addresses the need for a detailed in-field testing capability to validate systems necessary to meet operational requirements of deployed next-generation mobile Public Safety Broadband Networking (PSBN)systems for emergency responders, especially in rural and remote regions. The 18-month Canadian Safety and Security Program (CSSP)-funded research project is being undertaken by the Simon Fraser University (SFU) Telematics Research Lab and is championed by the Communications Research Centre. The project will establish Canada’s first national in-field PSBN wireless testing and validation capability, specifically focusing on deployable systems to support disaster response situations where conventional communication infrastructure is damaged or non-existent. The field-based PSBN facility will test different techniques related to emerging broadband systems and contribute to the development of new protocols and strategies to overcome connectivity and interoperability problems. You will be able to follow our progress through this blog.

The project is possible through the Project Partners.

The project is described in a recent article in CSSP Connect.