Developing Minds 2019


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Welcome and Keynote Address: Deanna Reder

00:00:00—Introduction by Associate Dean Dr. Catherine Murray
00:02:27—Introduction to Gary George and drumming ceremony
00:11:28—Layout of the day
00:15:01—Introduction to the Honourable Minister Jinny Sims
00:16:11—Honourable Minister Jinny Sims
00:44:29—Dr. Natalia Gajdamaschko introduces Dr. Kris Magnusson, Dean of the Faculty of Education
00:47:57— Dr. Kris Magnusson, Dean of the Faculty of Education
00:54:17—Dr. Catherine Murray introduces Keynote Dr. Deanna Reder
00:55:48—Dr. Deanna Reder’s Keynote Address: “Reading the Indigenous Archive”
00:58:57—Strategy 1: Begin each term by following local protocols—and consider these to be models of intellectual practice
01:00:54—Strategy 2: Begin with where you are
01:02:26—Websites with local First Nations Content
01:02:36—Strategy 3: Recognize that teaching Indigenous texts is not supported by conventional education curriculum
01:10:13—Strategy 4: Recognize that the stakes feel higher
01:11:40—Strategy 5: Value Self-Awareness
01:13:49—Strategy 6: The lack of information, the misinformation and the result emotions unsettle the classroom and strain the teacher-student relationship
01:16:58—Strategy 7: Value humility and encourage generosity
01:19:39—Strategy 8: Bring in Indigenous writers and artists to the classroom
01:20:26—Strategy 9: Create space for Indigenous literatures, theories, students and faculty by imagining them as essential parts of every conversation
01:21:19—Strategy 10: The history of colonialism is an inevitable influence and topic of analysis in Indigenous texts but Indigenous language and epistemes can also provide varying interpretations
01:24:12—Imagining the Possibilities
01:26:30—Example Curriculum from Tamara Hansen MATE alumni
01:27:13—The People and The Text

Critical Reading: Sean Zwagerman; Joel Heng-Hertse and Jiang Dong

00:00:00—Introduction of Dr. Sean Zwagerman by Associate Dean Dr. Catherine Murray
00:01:49—Associate Dean Dr. Sean Zwagerman’s Power Talk: “I Just Don’t Believe It: The Problem of Conviction, and Some Possible Remedies”
00:04:04—Rhetoric and Persuasion
00:13:29—Dr. Sean Zwagerman’s Lesson Plan
00:23:04—Associate Dean Dr. Catherine Murray introduces Dr. Joel Heng Harste and Jiang Dong
00:25:04—Dr. Joel Heng Harste and Jiang Dong’s Power Talk: “Critical Thinking in a Second Language”
00:35:01—Critical Thinking in East Asia: Tools and Influences
00:47:16—A framework for Critical Thinking

Critical Writing: Peter Cramer and Azadeh Yamini-Hamedani

00:00:00—Introduction of Dr. Peter Cramer by Associate Dean Dr. Catherine Murray
00:02:12—Dr. Peter Cramer’s Power Talk: “Rhetorical Games, Writing and Composition”
00:05:40—Beginning of the Activity
00:36:46—Where to find these Lessons
00:37:35— Associate Dean Dr. Catherine Murray introduces Dr. Azadeh Yamini-Hamedani
00:40:11—Dr. Azadeh Yamini-Hamedani’s Power Talk: “On Drake: Designing Simple Exercises to Stimulate Critical Reading”
00:48:37—Teaching Critical Thinking through Drake’s “In my Feelings”

Summary and Spoken Word Presentation (Sean McGarragle)

00:00:00— Summary of the day by Associate Dean Dr. Catherine Murray
00:02:18—Summary of the day by Dr. Lisa Shapiro, Dr. Natalia Gajdamaschko, and Dr. Sean Zwagerman
00:08:20—Developing Minds 2020
00:19:53—Associate Dean Dr. Catherine Murray introduces Sean McGarragle and Spoken Word Summation of the Day
00:20:52—Sean McGarragle’s Spoken Word Summation of the Day