After your ceremony

Update LinkedIn

Now that you've graduated, it's time to update your LinkedIn profile and include your SFU credentials. We've made it really easy: just follow these instructions.

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LinkedIn Profile Photos

SFU Alumni, in partnership with Artona, will be providing an opportunity for you to get a professional LinkedIn profile photo taken after your Convocation ceremony!  

  • For new grads
  • Located near Images Theatre and where you return your regalia
  • Available for approximately 1.5 hours AFTER your ceremony
  • Regalia must be removed before your photo
  • SFU Alumni will email you your photo later in the month
  • Oh, and it's FREE!

Stay Connected

Keeping in touch with your fellow grads can enrich your life both personally and professionally.

Benefits of Staying Connected

  • Ongoing contact with SFU and the alumni community
  • Social and intellectual enrichment
  • Expanded networks for professional growth and development
  • Meeting others who share a common base of experience
  • Connections with SFU students, staff, faculty and leaders
  • Continued involvement in the welfare and future of SFU
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