Why should I complete these surveys?

When it comes to your learning experience, you are the expert.

You know best what supports your learning and what doesn't. By completing the Course Experience Surveys and sharing this feedback, you are helping to improve the quality of SFU courses and instructors for future students.

In fact, you have probably already experienced course improvements that were made because of the feedback provided by past students!

Your feedback is used by:

  • instructors to understand which parts of their course supported your learning and which parts they should consider changing in the future.
  • academic leaders to improve course design, adjust resources and highlight issues that require follow-up. 
  • the SFU community to acknowledge outstanding teaching (i.e., awards).
  • departments for consideration in regular faculty review, including tenure and promotion decisions.

Instructors and administrators do not receive your feedback until after the course is completed. If you need support with a course issue right away, visit our help page for more information.