How do I give effective feedback?

All Course Experience Surveys provide you with an opportunity to leave written comments about your experience.

Your comments can help the instructor understand the aggregated multiple-choice responses. They also provide a place for you to voice your own experience for the instructor and the Chair/Director. The following tips can help you ensure that your comments are clear and effective.

1) Be as specific as possible

Instead of: The prof was good!

Consider: I found the professor's use of multiple examples helped me understand the class material.

2) Give examples

Instead of: There were too many readings for this course.

Consider: I found the reading assignments from the textbook took me 3 hours a week.  And only a part of the chapter would be covered in class.  Perhaps next time, assign parts of the textbook instead of the entire chapter.

3) Explain from your experience

Instead of: The Canvas was confusing.

Consider: The Canvas could be better organized. I ended up submitting work late because I couldn't find the due dates for the assignments.