Who do I contact if I have an issue right now?

The Course Experience Surveys are designed to capture information about your learning experience. It is one channel of communication between you and SFU. Other channels of communication available to you include:     

1. Department Chair or Program Director

If you have a serious concern about your instructor or how the course is being run, you can contact their Department Chair or Program Director at any point in the semester. You can find their contact on the Departmental homepage.

2. Office of the Ombudsperson

If you have a concern that involves a University policy or appeal process, such as a grade appeal, WE appeal, academic integrity allegations, student misconduct allegations, the Office of Ombudsperson may be able to help. They offer support in navigating policies/rules/processes, idenitifying your options and reviewing appeals and providing feedback. 

You can also contact the Office of Ombudsperson if you feel that you are being treated unfairly by the University or are concerned about a more systemic fairness issue involving the University or if you are looking for conflict coaching or dispute resolution assistance connected to a conflict that is university-related. Click here for contact.

3. Mental Health Supports

If you are experiencing a crisis or need mental health support, please reach out to Health & Counselling Services or use the MySSP app.

4. Office of Student Support, Rights & Responsibilities

The Office of Student Support, Rights and Responsibilities can assist you when you are in distress/experiencing a crisis and are looking for assistance in connecting with support resources or navigating the impact of extenuating circumstances on their academics at SFU.  They are also responsible for taking action on reports involving students under the Bullying and Harassment, Student Conduct, and Sexual Violence policies. Click here to contact them.