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New ACT Report: Low Carbon Resilience

July 21, 2016

Climate change is advancing at an alarming rate around the world and it is now more important than ever that we move ahead as fast as possible with emissions reduction (mitigation), while planning for resilience to the impacts that are already evident and projected to worsen (adaptation). However, these crucial pathways are still largely being considered separately. This new white paper from ACT points to the co-benefits and synergies we can achieve if we consider adaptation and mitigation simultaneously. 

This approach has already been outlined under different names by a variety of experts, whose contributions we acknowledge and deeply appreciate. We advocate here for its expansion by placing ecosystem health at the centre of planning for its implementation, in recognition of the crisis unfolding in the biosphere of which climate change is but one symptom. We are referring to this approach as “low carbon resilience.” 

We hope this paper will act as a conversation starter, and stimulate both discussion and innovation as we move to implement meaningful action on the challenges we face. To that end, we are providing an online Study Edition of the report that enables online comments and other innovative options. You can link to it, and the other versions of the report (PDF and ePub), here: