Jack P. Blaney Award for Dialogue

The Jack P. Blaney Award for Dialogue is presented every second year to an individual who has demonstrated excellence in the use of dialogue to increase mutual understanding and advance complex public issues. The award includes multi-day programming and a CAD $10,000 award.

"There is something more important than information. Values are far more important, and it is by understanding common values that decisions are made. We come to understand values through dialogue."

    Dr. Jack P. Blaney, President Emeritus, Simon Fraser University

Past Recipients of the Jack P. Blaney Award for Dialogue

What is Dialogue?

The word is in our name but answering “what is dialogue” or understanding exactly what "dialogue" means can be difficult. There isn't one right way to define dialogue and it often means something different depending on the context, atmosphere and question you're trying to answer. Dialogue can support groups and communities to respectfully explore polarizing issues, address conflict, deliberate on potential for complex issues and much more. 

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