As a trusted and values-based facilitator, we are deeply committed to designing dialogue processes that are tailored to your unique needs. The following services outline what we're sought out for most. Don't see what you're looking for? Have a look through our comprehensive list of services or reach out and let's plan together.

Deliberative Processes

Are you looking to build trust, reduce polarization and move forward in the best interests of the entire community? 

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Deliberative processes include citizens’ assemblies, citizen juries and deliberative dialogue. These processes ask a representative body of citizens to make recommendations to decision-makers while working through real-world policy constraints. We support diverse participants to see past their own positions, build empathy and carefully weigh options and trade-offs. Through skillfully planned activities and expert facilitation, participants ultimately contribute their collective wisdom, best recommendations and legitimacy to decision-makers.  

Public Engagement and Facilitation

Looking to increase your understanding of on-the-ground realities and diverse experiences? Or convene a series of community meetings across the Province?

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Since 2006, we have designed and facilitated more than 500 in-person and virtual events from local to international in scale, reaching hundreds of thousands of people. We offer a comprehensive range of bilingual in-person and virtual services to support governments, community organizations and non-profits in meaningful and participatory engagement and solutions-oriented outcomes. Our seasoned facilitators come from a variety of backgrounds and are skillful in using dialogue to help participants navigate complex issues and competing interests. Our work is grounded in our Principles for Collaborative Engagement and Principles for Equitable Public Engagement and executed through culturally safe process design and delivery, seamless logistics and exceptional project management. 

Stakeholder Engagement

Convening stakeholders, community representatives or experts to provide guidance, develop recommendations or take action together?

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From stakeholder roundtables and task forces to expert panels, the Centre has supported clients in seeking advice from key knowledge holders and experts and building strong partnerships to act on critical issues. Our impartial, third-party position enables us to engage with stakeholders in a safe, strategic and effective way. 

Strategic Planning and Design for Engagement

Planning early and setting out to "do it right"? Keen to create an effective engagement plan tailored to your organization?

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Our research shows that success or failure is often determined by strategic decisions made early in the engagement process. We apply a systems-thinking and collaborative approach to understand our clients’ needs and to bring bold and effective strategies to life. Whether defining strategic objectives, identifying the right issue framing, developing options or identifying the needs of participants, we have the tools and experience to help you engage with clarity and impact.

Public Participation Strategies and Training for Governments and Organizations

Seeking to develop the capacity of your team to engage? Creating a culture of engagement within your organization?

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The Centre helps train and build public participation strategies for  governments, public sector organizations, boards, councils, committees and working groups to engage meaningfully with their constituents. As group-process experts, we work with your staff teams to co-develop a culture of engagement, using our ENABLE framework to examine issues such as sponsorship, standards, organizational barriers, evaluation and reinforcement.

Comprehensive List of Services

  • Citizen and stakeholder facilitation
  • Virtual engagement and consultation
  • Engagement with equity-seeking communities
  • Supporting citizens and governments in shared decision-making
  • Multi-stakeholder problem solving and strategy development
  • Program design and implementation
  • Visioning processes to identify shared values and aspirations
  • Generative processes to surface issues, opportunities and potential solutions
  • Deliberative processes to weigh trade-offs and create informed recommendations
  • Stakeholder roundtables, task forces and focus groups
  • Research, discussion and background materials with professional design and accessible content
  • Resident/stakeholder mapping, outreach and accessibility planning
  • Engagement data analysis and reporting
  • Evaluation, outcomes reporting and feedback management
  • Community capacity building and participatory design
  • Engagement training and organizational development
  • Research and analysis on international best practices and methods in dialogue and deliberation

"The SFU Centre for Dialogue walked citizens through a challenging and values-entrenched issue to produce concrete, actionable recommendations."
Katherine Babiarz, A/ Director, Engagement Division, Natural Resources Canada

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