CleanBC Job Readiness Workshops

November 01, 2019 - November 29, 2019

On December 5, 2018 the provincial government released the CleanBC plan, an outline for how B.C will reduce carbon pollution and build a cleaner future. In 2019 the government initatied the development of a CleanBC Jobs Readiness Plan. The intention of this plan is to help workers, industry and businesses access the employment opportunities generated by CleanBC.

As part of the development of this plan, the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy partnered with the SFU Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue to host six public engagement events. The goal of these workshops was to gather input, feedback and ideas about CleanBC and job readiness. Particularly about how education and training opportunities can support people, including rural and remote communities, to access the opportunities CleanBC presents. The input will provide the foundation for CleanBC labour market planning over the next year.

The Project

Cities Visited

November 7th, 2019
Fraser Valley Session

November 13th, 2019
Haida Gwaii Session

November 14th, 2019
Post Secondary Session
Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo

November 18th, 2019
High School Session
Mount Baker Secondary, Cranbrook

November 26th, 2019
Vanderhoof Session
Saik'uz Nation

November 27th, 2019
Fort Neslon Session

From November 1st to November 29th 2019, people across the Province had the opportunity to share ideas, input and feedback about Job Readiness and CleanBC. 

The Centre for Dialogue convened six focus groups across the Province in the following communities and/or regions: Fraser Valley, Haida Gwaii, Nanaimo, Saik'uz Nation, Fort Nelson and Cranbrook. This project was the first time that a focus group specifically for high school students took place within a provincial engagement. This workshop was hosted in Cranbrook. The provincial engagement also website hosted a discussion forum with four discussion questions and provided the opportunity for people to email in their ideas. Sixty-five people commented on the engagement website. Three formal submissions were recieved by email.

The thoughts shared by the focus groups and the online comments were analyzed and synthesized in "What We Heard" reports. Each focus group resulted in its own "What We Heard" report which was provided to the participants and to the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy. This feedback will contribute to the CleanBC Jobs Readiness Plan and provide the foundation for CleanBC labour market planning taking place over the next year. The CleanBC Jobs Readiness Plan will identify opportunities arising from CleanBC for workers, industry and businesses across the Province.


The CleanBC workshop participants shared compassionate, nuanced and specific concerns and solutions and these personas attempt to capture their narratives. Personas are not directly based on any one workshop participant and do not capture every concern brought forward. They are amalgamations of stories CleanBC workshop participants shared and circumstances they described. These personas capture some of the key themes that participants highlighted as critically important when considering the barriers to accessing employment opportunities emerging from CleanBC.

The quotes are real quotes from workshop participants.

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