About CityHive

CityHive, co-founded by Dialogue Associates Veronika Bylicki & Tesicca Truong, is on a mission to transform how youth are engaged in shaping their cities, decision making and tackling urban sustainability issues. The Centre for Dialogue is a core partner on the Envirolab and CityShapers Programs. The Envirolab is a series of innovation labs empowering and equipping Metro Vancouver youth to tackle urban environmental challenges. City Shapers is a cohort-based hands on civic education program for youth to learn about how their cities work and address pressing urban issues.

Learn About EnviroLab and Apply!

Cities are at the core of tackling complex environmental challenges in the face of the climate crisis. As the scale and complexity of cities increases as cities expand and grow, not only are the challenges of cities magnified, but also cities become a place of opportunity to build resilient, long-lasting and effective solutions. Cities can’t tackle these challenges without the engagement of citizens, in particular youth.

That’s where the Envirolab comes in!

The Envirolab is an innovation lab that acts as a bridge between youth and solutions, policy & decision-making spaces that are tackling the climate crisis.

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Are you a youth looking to get involved in shaping your city? Interested in the Envirolab and want more information? Or are you an organization or institution looking to engage youth?