Urban Sustainability: Gordon Price

Gordon Price is a Canadian urban planner and a former politician who served for six terms as the first openly gay member of Vancouver City Council. Gordon is the founder of SFU’s City Program and the force behind Price Tags, an online blog and podcast series on urban issues. Over the years, Gordon’s work has explored urban issues such as urban design, sustainable community development, transportation, land-use and heritage conservation.

In 2016 Gordon joined the Centre as a Fellow focused on The Connected City advancing understanding and dialogue on the “livable region” vision of Metro Vancouver. As his fellowship evolved, Gordon initiated a podcast series - an intergenerational dialogue between emergent leaders and older urbanists who helped to shape the region. Over the next year, Gordon will be exploring the impact and stories connected to how Canadian immigration policy has and will continue to reshape our urban communities.

Reflections from Gordon’s Time as a Fellow

It struck me that it would make for an entertaining and necessary dialogue to discuss contemporary issues and lived experiences among those who were, like me, leaders in the urban community from decades ago with those who are taking the initiative to address the challenges before them.  So as a podcaster on my blog Price Tags, I undertook to do just that. (Here’s an example with Shauna Sylvester and Veronika Bylicki).

I soon realized, though, that there is a parallel story that also crosses generations and is integral to the Canadian experience: the story of post-war immigration, and how it has shaped Canada and our urban communities. 

It’s a story that can be told not only by those responsible – the political leaders, the policy makers, the officers on the front line – but also by those whose lives were shaped by the experience of migration.  And now that at least five generations of Canadians have come from every corner of the globe, there’s an opportunity to learn from the families who have experienced the consequences of the original decision to come here and the cultures that they reflect that make up our mosaic. It’s a generational dialogue.

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