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Technical Report

The Technical Report is a detailed overview of the Citizen Dialogues on Canada’s Energy Future process, providing a synthesis and evaluation of the process and outcomes.

Getting to 2050 - Citizens Recommendations

This report contains the results from the Citizen Dialogues on Canada's Energy Future, a major initiative of the Centre for Dialogue. The project marks the first ever cross-Canada deliberative dialogue where randomly selected citizens have advised the Government of Canada on energy policy. It was funded by Natural Resources Canada as part of the Generation Energy initiative. 

Final Video

Citizen Dialogues on Canada's Energy Future: Final Recommendations.

Discussion Material

Discussion Guide

This discussion guide was independently prepared by Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Dialogue and funded under a contribution agreement from Natural Resources Canada. This guide is supported by background research and framing questions provided by staff at the SFU Centre for Dialogue.

Explainer Video (English)

This explainer video ccompanies the discussion guide and provides high-level information in audio and video formats. 

Explainer Video (French)

Quel est l'avenir énergétique du Canada? Cette courte vidéo explicative décrit le contexte énergétique du Canada et offre différentes approches pour l'avenir.

Interim Results

Regional Summary Report (Download report)

Regional Dialogues video (YouTube, bilingual)

Regional Dialogue Reports

SFU President Andrew Petter delivers keynote address at Generation Energy forum (YouTube)

Polling Results

We commissioned Forum Research to undertake national opinion polling to set the baseline parameters for participant selection.

Background Documents


  • The Hill Times (January 24, 2018) – People power: Canadians willing to shell out for clean energy
  • The Globe and Mail (August 28, 2017) – Informed citizens are key to Canada’s energy future

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