Software and Data

  1. Asr, F.T., M. Mokhtari and M. Taboada (2023) Fake news collection. A collection of news articles with 'false' and 'true' labels, updated from MisInfoText (see below).
  2. Kolhatkar, V., Thain, N., Sorensen, J., Dixon, L., Taboada, M., 2020. C3: The Constructive Comments Corpus. Jigsaw and Simon Fraser University. Dataset.
  3. Asr, F.T. and M. Taboada (2019) MisInfoText. A collection of news articles with 'false' and 'true' labels.
  4. Kolhatkar, V., H. Wu, L. Cavasso, E. Francis, K. Shukla and M. Taboada (2018) The SFU Opinion and Comments Corpus: A corpus for the analysis of online news comments. Simon Fraser University.

Other software resources are available on our GitHub page.

Previous software available from Maite Taboada's page.