Graduate Student Supervision

Senior Supervisor

Lian Hui (PhD, 2017), The limitations of Singapore’s conception of education and the ideally educated citizen

m.d. caroline lefebvre (2017), shamanic historical consciousness: retu(r)ning to the ellemental as an indigenous education

Veronica Hotton (PhD, 2015), Walking practices and pedagogy in post-secondary education: An inquiry into the teaching, writing, and walking practices of five contemporary academics.

Kimberley McKinnon (MA, 2013), Relational authority: How rethinking educational authority is empowering.

Rosa Hong Chen (PhD, 2012), Autobiography of existence: On suffering and the emergence of moral agency.

Susan Barber (PhD, 2011), A story for my teacher: A novel and its educational and philosophical critique. (co-supervised with Stuart Richmond)

Committee Member

Janet Teasdale (EdD, 2017), An alternative social imaginary for internationalization in universities

Julia Thompson (MA, 2016), Conceptualizations and challenges to care: A case study of primary teachers’ experience of caring towards students in an inner city school

Matthew Kruger-Ross (PhD, 2016), An inquiry into the question of Being in teacher: World, attunement, and the danger of enframing

Antew Dejene (PhD, 2015), Social criticism and educational practices: An "outsider's" perspective

Mark Halvorson (PhD, 2015), Curriculum design as being-in-the-world of studying and teaching: An autobiographical re-conceptualization

Elaine Beltran-Selitti (MA, 2015), Teaching without teaching? The role of the early childhood educator co-constructing long term investigations with children

Tasnim Dharamsi (PhD, 2014), Living within the hermeneutic circle: Interpreting the curricular inquiry of Canadian secondary Ismaili religious education teachers

Phong Kuoch (PhD, 2013), Hip hoe to hip hope: Hip hop pedagogy in a secondary language arts curriculum

Kel McDowell (PhD, 2011), Who cares? Who doesn’t? An exploration of perceptions of care based on the experiences of secondary school students from different economic groups

David Burns (PhD, 2011), Stoicism, moral education and material goods

Shu-Hwa Wu (PhD, 2011), Personal identity development, practices and access to resources in the activity of podcasting storybook writing

Don Nelson (PhD, 2010), Emotion, reason, and awareness

Rhonda Philpott (PhD, 2009), Exploring new teachers’ understandings and practice of social justice education

David Burgess (PhD, 2008), Prolegomenon to interorganisational relationships involving the administration of education

Michael Chartier (M.Ed., 2009), Adult education and the social economy: Rethinking the communitarian pedagogy of Watson Thomson

Anita Moore (MA, 2008), An examination of the BC teacher on call system

Carmen Baker (M.Ed., 2006), Historical racial theories: Ongoing racism in Saskatchewan

Becky Kuffner (M.Ed., 2006), From restorative to transformative justice: Advancing healing as a normative value

Marlene McKay (M.Ed., 2005), Engaging feminism: A pedagogy for Aboriginal people

External Examiner

Allyson Fleming (PhD, 2017), Teacher education for the 21st century: The social justice imperative (University of Victoria)

Daniel Marshall (MA, 2016), The question of morality in the context of faith and reason: Conceptualizing a missing essence 

Lyndze Harvey (MA, 2015), Letting go: A departure from liberal moral education, embracing teacher transformation, and evolving pedagogies of resistance

David Schmaus (PhD, 2014), Cosmopolitan minded post-secondary ethics education (University of Alberta)

Cara Ellingson (PhD, 2012), Difficulty in the political and psychical life of the teacher (York University)

Timothy Molnar (PhD, 2008), Welcoming the other: Understanding the responsibility of educators (University of Victoria)

Internal Examiner

Awneet Sivia (PhD, 2017), Discord and dissonance: Living through and learning from a teacher educator's memories 

Dylan van der Schyff (PhD, 2017), Concepts for an enactive music pedagogy: Essays on phenomenology, embodied cognition, and music education

Sara Frankenberger (MA, 2017), The shaping of German-Canadian family memory of World War II and the Holocaust

Kathy Nielson (PhD, 2015), Finding Yemaya's sisters: Exploring multimodal approaches in teacher reflective practice

Monica Frank (PhD, 2013), Professional identity development: Life positioning analyses of foreign-trained teachers

Heather Smith (EdD, 2010), The perceived impact of an international service-learning program on the long-term moral development and behavior of its participants

Kimberly Franklin (EdD, 2010), The dialogical relationship between spiritual and professional identity in beginning teachers: Context, choices and consequences

Phonesavanh Thepphasoulithone (PhD, 2009), Reforming teacher education in Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Lara Harvester (MA, 2009), Ecofeminist pedagogy: Framework for ecosocial justice in education

Ann-Marie McLellan (PhD, 2008), The educated self: Psychology’s contribution to the education of children in twentieth-century North America

Seanna McPherson (MA, 2008), A philosophy for film education: Creativity, liberation and authenticity in the knowledge culture

Karen Alvarez (MA, 2008), Understandings and interpretations of care in an elementary school

Carmen Almarza (MA, 2008), When a parent has cancer: An examination of the lived experience of adult children living at home

Terry Waterhouse (EdD, 2007), Giving voice: Exploring the school-based care experiences of at-risk youth