Graduate Student Supervision

Committee Member

Sam Chen (EdD, 2021). Legacy in a Family Business Context: An Intergenerational Curriculum to Foster Legacy and Assist in Navigating Transitions  

Sim Badesha (PhD, 2021). South Asian Female University Students’ Experiences of Sex Education and Sexual Identity

Sheinagh Anderson (PhD, 2021) To Come to Know Who Rides Upon Your Tongue—Sound sSādhanā: Cultivating sSelf Through sSwara: A Practice-based Spiritual Inquiry 

Louise St. Pierre (PhD, 2020). Baskets of Offerings: Design, Nature, Animism, and Pedagogy

Linda Maierle (EdD, 2020). The Lifeworld of the High School Special Education Teacher: Voices Signified

Kathryn Jung (EdD, 2020) Why the Mentoring of Female Educational Leaders with an Ethic of Care Matters 

Christopher Kinman (PhD, 2019)  The River Carries That Which the Mountains Cannot Hold: A Series of Geophilosophical Experiments with the Fraser River

Karen Fiorini (PhD, 2019) Dehuminization in the workplace

Fanny Rita Santillan (MA, 2018) The Discovery of the Transcendental Man: An Introduction to the Age of Knowledge

Alicia Chada (MA, 2018) Building a Contemplative Classroom for Students with Anxiety 

Emma MacFarlane (MA, 2018) Holistic Identity Development in Undergraduate Students: A Narrative Inquiry and Self-Study

Michael Bergenheim (MA, 2018) Language Acquisition in a Deaf Learner: An Autobiography

Alana Abramson (PhD, School of Criminology, 2017) Transformative Possibilities: A journey through tertiary restorative justice education

Amy Roomy (PhD, 2017) Self Compassion: Integrating Buddhist Philosophy and Practices with Western Psychotherapy and a Group Counselling Curriculum

Julie Andreyev (PhD, Graduate Liberal Studies, 2017) Biophilic Ethics and Creativity with More-Than-Human Beings

Victor Brar (EdD, 2016) Using Bourdieu's Theory of Practice to Understand Academic Under Achievement Among Inner-City Students in British Columbia: A Conceptual Study

Shahar Rabi (SFU, PhD, 2016) Taking an Integral and Eco-contemplative Perspective on the Phenomenon of Addiction in Dislocated Societies: Beyond “Acceptance” Towards Soul-making in Non-dual Awareness

Dawn Whitworth (EdD, 2016) Brave Creatives: Research Partnerships Between Universities and Companies in the Creative Sector

Angela James (EdD, 2016) The Shaping Influences of 'A Capable Person:' A Narrative Research of Elders' Stories of Raising Children to Inform Aboriginal Education in the Northwest Territories

Nancy Nowlan (EdD, 2016) From Brynania to Business: Designing an Evidence-Based Business Education Simulation from an Exploration of a Blended Real-Time Model

Isti Rokhiyah (PhD, 2015) Writing an Educational Autobiography as a Way to Become a Reflective Teacher

Titi Chandrawati (PhD, 2015) Understanding Dialogue in Distance Education: A Case Study in the Indonesian Open University

Toha Mohamad (PhD, 2015) A Study of Student Success Factors in Distance Education at the Open University of Indonesia

Theresa Farrell (EdD, 2015) Using Comic Improvisation to Build Skills for Generative Dialogue

Shari Worsfold (EdD, 2015) Supporting Classroom Literacy Instruction for Vulnerable Learners with Reflective Dialogue

Yudhi Setiani (PhD, 2014), A Social Constructivist Learning Approach for an Online Civic Education Tutorial at Indonesia Open University.

Marlowe Irvine (PhD, 2014), While I Am My Hair My Hair is Me—Literary Analysis of a Narrative Inquiry into Teacher Identity Formation