Service to University

Service at Simon Fraser University

Ex Officio

  • Senate; VP/Deans; Deans’ Council; Faculty Council (Chair); Faculty Executive (Chair)

General Service

  • Member, Task Force on Flexible Learning (June 2014–present)
  • Member, Research Innovation Working Group (September 2014–present)
  • Member, Search Committee, Dean of Life-Long Learning (Fall 2014)
  • Member, Search Committee, Dean, Science (Fall 2014)
  • Member, Search Committee, Dean, FCAT (Spring 2014)
  • Member, Steering Committee, Virtual Campus Infrastructure Project
  • Member, Learning Management System Replacement Committee
  • Member, IT Strategies Committee (2012–present)
  • Member, SFU Budget Review Committee (2010–2012)
  • Member, SFU Financial Exigency Negotiating Committee (Spring 2010)
  • Member, Vice-President Academic Search/Review Committee (Fall 2012)
  • Member, Quality Student Experience Theme Review Team (2012)
  • Member, Surrey Podium II Committee (2009–2012)

Service at the University of Lethbridge

  • Member, Dean’s Council (July 2001–present)
  • Member, University of Lethbridge Graduate Studies Council (November 2000–present)
  • Co-chair, The Southern Alberta Center for Excellence in Career Development (September 1999–present)
  • Development of Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology; preparation of course outlines; scope and sequence plans; master timetable and cohort intake schedule; preparation of proposals for appropriate governing committees and bodies (July 1998–June 2007)
  • Member, Planning Committee, Campus Alberta Applied Psychology (CAAP) Master of Counselling Program; also served on: CAAP Coordinating Committee: Program Committee; Registration Committee; Policy Committee; Advisory Council; Executive Committee; Finance Committee (September 1998–June 2007)
  • Co-chair, The Southern Alberta Center for Excellence in Career Development (September 1999–present)
  • Chair, Niitsitappi Steering Committee (August 2003–2006)
  • Member, Communication Technology in Teaching and Learning Committee, Faculty of Education (September 2000–June 2003)
  • Chair, Faculty of Education Curriculum Committee (July 2001–June 2007)
  • Member, General Liberal Education Requirements Task Force (July 2001–June 2003)
  • Member, U of L Space/Planning Committee (July 2001–June 2007)
  • Member, Faculty of Education Executive Committee (July 2001–June 2007)
  • Member, Faculty of Education Administrative Advisory Committee (July 2001–June 2007)
  • Member, Curriculum Coordinating Committee (University of Lethbridge), September 2001–June 2007
  • Member, University of Lethbridge, School of Graduate Studies Executive (June 2001–June 2002)
  • Member, Salary, Tenure and Promotions Committee, Faculty of Education (September 2000–June 2001)
  • Member, Faculty of Education Administrative Review Committee (charged with the task of reviewing all administrative structures, and recommending system efficiencies) (September 2000–May 2001)
  • Member, University of Lethbridge Faculty Association Nominations Committee (January 2000–December 2001)
  • Facilitator, Annual Faculty 2-day Retreat (August 2000)
  • Member, Faculty of Education Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) (September 1998–August 2000)
  • Member, Students Program Committee (sub-Committee of GSC) (September 1998–August 2000)
  • Member, Faculty of Education, Budget Advisory Committee (September 1998–June 2001)
  • Facilitator, Strategic planning retreat for the Faculty of Fine Arts (March 1999)
  • Member, Faculty Appointment and Selection Committees, Faculty of Health Sciences (June 1999–June 2000)

Service at the University of Calgary

University Level

  • Member, Council of the Faculty of Graduate Studies (CFGS) (September 1992–June 1994)
  • Member, Policy Committee (CFGS) (October 1992–June 1994)
  • Member, Council of the Faculty of Management (August 1992–June 1994)
  • Member, Career Development Advisory Committee (August 1992–June 1996)
  • Department Representative, The University of Calgary Faculty Association (September 1990–June 1994)

Faculty Level

  • Member, Editorial Review Committee, Journal of Educational Thought (September 1995–June 1997)
  • Member, Committee to Hear and Determine Student Admission Appeals (April 1993–June 1994)
  • Member, Ad Hoc Globalization Strategy Committee (August 1993–August 1994)
  • Member, Faculty of Education Student Appeals Committee (June 1993–AUgust 1994)
  • Member, Evaluation Committee (September 199–June 1994)
  • Member, Sabbatical Fellowship Review Committee (August 1992–October 1992)
  • Member, Strategic Teaching Plan Committee (October 1991–June 1994)
  • Member, Committee on Distance Education (October 1991–September 1993)
  • Member, Ad Hoc Committee on Cooperative Research (October 1992–June 1994)
  • Interviewer, B.Ed. After Degree Interviews (1989 to 1990)
  • Member, 25th University of Calgary Anniversary Committee)March 1991–October 1991)
  • Member, Native Education Committee (May 1989–December 1991)

Department Level

  • Graduate Coordinator (July 1992–June 1994)
  • Member, Chair in 1991, Counselling Programme Graduate Student Admissions Committee (1989–1992)                                                          
  • Coordinator, Counselling Programme Library (1989–1995)
  • Member, Ethics Review Committee (March 1991–June 1994)
  • Member, Educational Psychology Executive Committee (September 1992–June 1994)
  • Chairperson, Joint Counselling/Rehabilitation Program Committee (April–October 1991)
  • Chair, Counselling Inservice Courses in Summer (Co-Chair until July 1991)
  • Member, Department Head Selection Committee (September 1992–July 1993)
  • Member, Graduate Research Scholarship Awards Committee (September 1992–June 1994)