Graduate Student Supervision

Current Supervision

  •  1 EdD (SFU)

Thesis Students

Hummel, Ruth (MA, 2010), Factors influencing alumni connection and commitment       

Black, Jodie (M.Ed., 2009), Retention in a small liberal arts institution: The commuter student experience

Slomp, Mark (M.Ed., Counselling Psychology, 2006), Measuring the efficacy of career development services: Agency and service providers perceptions  

Thannhauser, Jennifer (M.Ed., Counselling Psychology, 2005), The psychosocial experiences of individuals diagnosed with early-onset MS

Spriddle, Jennifer (M.Ed., Counselling Psychology, 2004), Sources of stress, stress reactions and coping strategies used by elite female golfers

Archer, Christie (M.Ed., Counselling Psychology, 2004), University students’ perceptions of workforce readiness

Beaton, Deb (M.Ed., Counselling Psychology, 2003), Long-term implications of critical incident stress among emergency responders 

Thompson, Colette (M.Ed., Counselling Psychology, 2003), Client’s perceptions of the therapeutic relationship and its role in outcome

Maillandt, Werner (M.Ed., 2002), Comprehensive guidance: Student and parent perceptions of junior high student needs

Hambley, Laura (M.Sc., Counselling, 1999), The receptivity of career counsellors to on-line career resources

Bernes, K. (Ph.D., Counselling, 1998), A synergistic Model of Organizational Career Development: Bridging the Gap Between Employees and Organizations

Iacobucci, D. (M.Sc., Counselling, 1997), Downsizing and Personal Meaning of Work: An Exploratory Study

Bernes, K. (M.Sc., Counselling, 1994), A Description of Career Development Services Within Organizations

Walker, W. (M.Sc., Counselling, 1994), The Study of a Grief Support Programme and its' Effects on the Coping Abilities of Grieving Clients

Cowling, S. (M.Sc., Counselling, 1992), The Transition to Independent Living for Youth-In-Care: A Descriptive Study

Holden, D. (M.Sc., Counselling, 1992), Parent-Child Perceptions of Career Planning

Paseluikho, M. (M.Sc., Counselling, 1992), An Exploration of the Career Development Status of Pregnant and Parenting Adolescents

Project Students

Hutton, V. (M.Ed., Counselling; Psychology, 2004), So what now? After the WISC-III Assessment

Ryan, K. (M.Ed., Counselling; Psychology, 2004), Building community capacity for risk/threat assessment and crisis response in Alberta schools

Roest, Allison (M.Ed., Counselling; Psychology, 2004), Career development efficacy clearing house:  A web site for collaboration and advancement

Edelstein, P. (M.Ed., Counselling; Psychology, 2003), Adult career development and intervention guide  

Poole, S. (M.Ed., Counselling; Psychology, 2003), A framework for the development and implementation of career centres in senior high schools

Jarratt, L. (M.Ed., Counselling; Psychology, 2002), Using a career preparation course to develop high school students’ feelings of career self-efficacy and confidence

Kozlowski, R. (M.Ed., Counselling; Psychology, 2002), Adolescent bereavement

Harris, S. (M.Ed., Counselling; Psychology, 2002), School revitalization: A framework for organizational change

Pope, P. (M.Ed., Counselling; Psychology, 2000), Building a healthy relationship

Examination Students

  • Philbert, W. (M.Ed., Counselling, 2002)
  • Drummond, H. (M.Ed., Counselling, 2002)
  • Roberts, S. (M.Ed., Counselling, 2001)
  • Stump, D. (M.Ed., Counselling, 2001)
  • Eyemann, S. (M.Ed., Counselling, 2002)
  • Bernes, J. (M.Ed., Counselling, 2000)
  • Packer, J. (M. Ed., Counselling, 2000)
  • Pharo, P. (M.Ed., Counselling, 2000)
  • Williams, B. (M.Ed., Counselling, 2000)
  • Davidson, K. (M.Ed., Counselling, 1996)
  • Gardiner, L. (M.Ed., Counselling, 1994)
  • Murray, B. (M.Ed., Counselling, 1992)
  • Rabinovitch, M. (M.Ed., Counselling, 1992)

Other Oral Examinations

Examining Committees (July/88 to present)

  • 12 M.Ed.
  • 10 M.Sc. (Counselling)
  • 1 MA (Education)
  • 13 PhD (Candidacy Exams)
  • 6 PhD (Final Oral Exams)

 External Examiner

  • 1 MCE (U of Calgary)
  • 1 MA (Policy and Administration)
  • 2 MSW
  • 3 PhD  Educational/Counselling Psychology (University of Alberta; University of Victoria; University of British Columbia)
  • 1 PhD (Medical Sciences, University of Calgary)
  • 1 MA in Pastoral Psychology and Counselling
  • 1 Special Dean's Representative (M.Eng.) - Oral Retake