• 2006–2008
    Development of neurophysiological processes involved in reading among children at-risk for language related reading disabilities: A magnetic source imaging study
    Principal Investigator.  Collaborators: Hal Weinberg, Tim Roberts
    Health and Early Learning Partnership, $48,599
  • 2006
    Intergenerational teaching and learning: Implications for a heritage language immersion program for young children of First Nations origin
    Joint Investigator. Collaborators: Daniele Moore, (Principal Investigator) Margaret MacDonald, (Co-investigator)
    Health and Early Learning Partnership, $35,015
  • 2005–2007
    Literacy of multilingual children in French Immersion programs
    Principal Investigator.  Collaboration: Daniele Moore, Diane Dagenais and Eugenie Samier. Daniele and I will be working on several projects related to children’s memory and multilingual development in French, English and Chinese. Diane, Daniele and to a lesser extent me, will be working on a project that examines whether language awareness activities improves children’s multilingual development. Eugenie will be helping us to formulate our research findings into a paper that has implications for policy.
    SSHRC Official Languages Dissemination Grant, $99,748
  • 2003–2007
    Working memory development for children at-risk for writing disabilities
    Research Grant: SSHRC Standard Research Grant, $153,000
  • 2005–2006
    Early Child Health and Education: An Interdisciplinary Journal is a bilingual (French-English), opensource, online journal developed to support our Institute for Research on Early Education and Child Health
    Principal Investigator.  Collaboration: Daniele Moore, Paul Neufeld and Roz Stooke are also editors of this bilingual (French-English) journal.
    SFU Serial Publications Fund, $13,942
  • 2005–2006
    Preschool literacy environments: A comparison of skills based, cognitive oriented, and social development approaches
    Joint Investigator. Collaboration: This project was a collaboration to support a study that was of mutual interest to Paul Neufeld and to Robin Cull-Hewitt, an SFU doctoral student.
    Discovery Parks Grant, $9,000
  • 2003–2004
    Relations Between Working Memory and Emergent Writing
    Internal & External Research Grant, $9,494
  • 2001–2003
    Cognition and early literacy development
    Research Grant, $10,000
  • 2001–2003
    Memory and language processes among children with Fragile-X syndrome
    Internal/External Research Grant, $4,900