Graduate Student Supervision

Harpreet Kaur (PhD, 2017), Young children's understanding of angles in a dynamic geometry environment

Petra Mikulan (PhD, 2017), Pedagogy without bodies

Oi-Lam Ng (PhD, 2016), Language, gestures and touchscreen-dragging: Bilinguals' linguistic and non-linguistic communication in school calculus

Petra Menz (PhD, 2015), Unfolding of diagramming and gesturing between mathematics graduate student and supervisor in research meetings

Marta Venturini (PhD, 2015), How teachers think about the role of digital technologies in student assessment in mathematics    

Kevin Wells (PhD, 2014), A Conversation‒Gesture Approach to Recognising Mathematical Understanding in Group Problem Solving    

Veda Abu-Bakare (PhD, 2014), Mathematics, mathematicians, and desire 

Sean Chorney (PhD, 2014), From agency to narratives: Tools in mathematics learning

George Ekol (PhD, 2013), Examining Constructs of Statistical Variability Using Mobile Data Points 

Leslie Dietiker (PhD, 2012), Mathematics Textbook as a Story: A novel approach to the interrogation of mathematics curriculum (Michigan State University)

Shiva Gol Tabaghi (PhD, 2012), Using Dynamic Geometry to Explore Linear Algebra Concepts: the Emergence of Mobile, Visual Thinking

Scott Eberle (PhD, 2011), Children’s mathematical understandings of tessellations : a cognitive and aesthetic synthesis (University of Texas at Austen)

Brian Eaton (M.Sc., 2011), How do Interactive White Boards Affect Participation in the Mathematics Classroom?

Jennifer Law (M.Sc., 2011), Using Subordination to Teach and Learn Mathematics