Service to the Community


  • Vancouver Association for Survivors of Torture, Vancouver, BC
    As a member of interprofessional advisory committee I provided consultation on the design and assessment of counselling programs for refugee claimants and refugees
  • Rainbow Refugee Committee & Society, Vancouver, BC
    Direct support and advocacy with LGBTQI refugee claimants in Vancouver
    Organizing sponsorships of LGBTQI refugees

Training, Workshops & Knowledge Exchange

  • Huminuik, K. & Jordan, S. (March 14, 2013). Identifying vulnerability for Refugee Determination: PROTECT Questionnaire. Vancouver Refugee Lawyers Association. Vancouver, BC.
  • Huminuik, K. & Jordan, S. (March 14, 2013) Identifying vulnerability for Refugee Determination: PROTECT Questionnaire. Workshop for settlement service providers.  Vancouver, BC.
  • Rainbow Refugee (September 2009-May 2010) Talking Intersections/Building Connections. Knowledge Exchange Workshops on Enhancing Settlement Supports for LGBTQ newcomers, hosted by Qmunity & Rainbow Refugee. Funded by Welcome BC.


  • Shidlo, A. & Jordan, S. (April 10, 2013) Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity in Sociocultural Context: Persecution, Identity, Mental Health & Refugee Protection. Heartland Alliance, Rainbow Welcome, Clinical Institute on Emerging Practices in Torture Treatment: Assisting LGBT Survivors of Torture. Chicago IL.
  • Cameron, E. (October 20-25, 2014) Vulnerable Persons Working Party Discussion Paper: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and the Administration of Refugee Protection. International Association of Refugee Law Judges. Tunis, Tunisia. Cited in and gave input into working group paper presented by Ross Pattee, Deputy Chairperson, Refugee Protection Division, Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.