Graduate Student Supervision

Research Supervision

I am currently supervising Master's Students in Counselling, as well as serving on committees for Masters and Doctoral students in Gender and Sexuality Studies and Migration Studies. I participate in research committees where I can offer guidance on:

  • Qualitative Inquiry including narrative, dialogical, and ethnographic inquiry
  • Collaborative community engaged approaches to inquiry
  • Analysis of caring, helping, or assessment interactions
  • Critical inquiry into intersectionality of oppressions in counselling or helping interactions
  • Practices within schools that support the mental health of marginalized students
  • Narrative or Dialogical inquiry into identity formation
  • Queer, Transgender, LGBTQ mental health and identity formation
  • Intersectionality and mental health (stigma, trauma, resilience, resistance)
  • Mental Health and Survival Migration or Refugee Settlement
  • Mindfulness & acceptance approaches to counselling and psychotherapy
  • Constructivist & narrative approaches to counselling and psychotherapy

Senior Supervisor

Sarah Blackmore (MA, 2015), Lesbian and Queer Identified women’s healthcare interactions concerning sexual health.

Lisa Ludvigsen (MA, 2015), Narrative Inquiry into transition to kindergarten for families of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Co-Supervisor with Maureen Hoskyn)

Committee Member

Katherine Fobear (PhD, 2016), LGBTI Refugees accounts of creating Home and finding Housing (UBC)

Graeme Hamilton (MA, 2015), Hermeneutic phenomenology into transformative experiences during woodcarving

Lisa Bay (MA, 2015), Young women’s social media participation and identity

Tanja Elaz (PhD, 2015), Critical Ethnographic Inquiry of Settlement by Survivors of Political Violence

External Examiner

Shabar Rabi (PhD, 2016), Taking an Integral and Eco-contemplative Perspective on the Phenomenon of Addiction in Dislocated Societies: Beyond “Acceptance” Towards Soul-making in Non-dual Awareness


Shirley Rochelle Turner (PhD, 2016), The Garden as Co-Teacher: Renwing, Regenerating, Reconnecting

Comprehensive Exam M.Ed. Reader/Supervisor

2016: 3 exams
2015: 3 exams

Completed Projects

Sarah Parkes (2013), No room for baby-fat in skinny jeans: Promotion and online engagement with the "yummy mummy" discourse in Us Weekly