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The EGSA holds monthly meetings. Copies of the minutes for these meetings can be requested by contacting us at




Massi Khaleghi;

Neda Khodabakhshi


Livia Poljak

Media Officer

Chukwudi Nwobodo;

Michaela Armstrong

Communications Officer Amrit Cojocaru
Social Director

Alexis Carr;

Amrit Cojocaru

Surrey Liaison Neda Khodabakhshi
Faculty Council (FC) Reps

Marie Pitre;

Massi Khaleghi

Graduate Program Committee (GPC) Reps

Kau'i Keliipio;

Marie Pitre

Indigenous Education and Reconciliation Council (IERC) Reps

Kau’i Keliipio;


Graduate Student Society (GSS) Councillors

Erika Sáenz Gómez;

Marie Pitre;

Massi Khaleghi

Teaching Support Staff Union (TSSU) Stewards

Daniel Ferraz;



The EGSA Office is currently located in the Education Building (EDB) 8501.

EGSA Constitution

* EGSA-Constitution.pdf
EGSA Constitution

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