Minimum Course Load Policy


Currently the minimum course load policy has been suspended.  It may come back or manifest as a total number of years to complete program, once it has been voted on by the faculty.

If the total number of years as the program limit does not pass in the faculty, the minimum course load policy will come back. At that stage you will be given no more than one semester as a grace period. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to maintain the 10 unit/semester on an annual average basis so that you will not be forced to move out of ENSC in an eventuality. 

Your diligence and attention to this is extremely important.

SFU ENSC students are expected to maintain a minimum course load of 12 credits per semester. Students are permitted to take fewer credits in exceptional circumstances, provided that the average number of credits per enrolled semester does not drop below 10 credits / enrolled semester.
The minimum course load policy will be enforced once per year, after the completion of the Spring semester. The first evaluation of a student's progress will take place after no less than three enrolled semesters (excluding co-op semesters) in the program. The first evaluation will take place:
1) After 5 semesters for students matriculating in the Fall semester;
2) After 4 semesters for students matriculating in the Spring semester;
3) After 3 semesters for students matriculating in the Summer semester.
If the student has less than 3 enrolled semesters at the time of the first Progress Review evaluation, his/her evaluation will be postponed by one year. The subsequent evaluations of student progress will take place annually after the first evaluation, independent of the student's schedule.
The Progress Rate will be calculated for each student as the number of credits divided by the number of enrolled semesters (excluding coop).
Students who at the time of evaluation have a Progress Rate below the required minimum of 10.00 credits/semester, will be transferred to the BGS program.
Students who have completed 120 credits of the Engineering Science program are exempt from the minimum Progress Rate requirement, however they still have to meet the other requirements (i.e. minimum CGPA requirements, timely completion of coop, etc.).