Computer Engineering

Is it for me?

Much more than designing chips, video games and operating systems, SFU’s Computer Engineering option trains you to think logically about complex and abstract problems – and to develop innovative solutions for these. This option provides a highly flexible elective list, allowing you to combine software and hardware expertise with applications that interest and excite you – in fields from biomedical to financial or from environmental to automotive, for example. 

For more information on the curriculum and academic requirements for Computer Engineering, click here.

What will I learn?

You’ll start by learning a foundation of digital electronics, computer architecture and networks and communications. At more advanced levels, subjects include structured programming, software engineering, compilers, operating systems, intelligent systems, embedded systems, real-time systems and VLSI systems.


The Computer Engineering option will provide you with a wide range of future employment paths – limited only by your imagination. Typical careers include custom chip designer for embedded applications; systems analyst in high-tech research and development; and hardware analyst in computer architecture research or digital systems design.

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