Microelectronics is the design, construction and analysis of integrated microelectronic devices, circuits and their applications in communications, control, computing and biomedical systems. It includes the extension of microelectronic fabrication techniques to create micromechanical and microfluidic devices.

Research Topics

  • Wireless sensors and networks, biosensors and medical devices, wearable electronics
  • Physiological, behavioral, and environmental monitoring
  • Design and test of micro-devices, micro-systems and micro-networks, fault-tolerance
  • Microsensors and actuators fabrication
  • Silicon micromachining, integrated microelectronic and micromechanical sensors and actuators, microphotonics, biomedical microdevices, pathogen detection system, process and device simulation
  • Microfluidics, microassembly, high-aspect ratio microfabrication techniques and micro total analysis systems