Connect: The English Alumni Network

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Connect is designed to bring together current SFU English students and alumni in mutually beneficial ways. It’s a place students can come to meet others who have been in their shoes and found a path to a solid career—or to a successful life after graduation outside the workplace.

Gain mentorship experience, increased professional visibility, and participate in a platform for sharing your perspectives. Connect can also be a place to arrange a job shadow or an internship—giving students valuable professional experiences and alumni access to an untapped stream of talent and enthusiasm.


If you have participated in Connect before, log in by clicking “Access the Network.” If you are new here, please request access below. We’d love to have you connect!

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"When I was an undergraduate student at SFU, using Connect was tremendously helpful in beginning my career exploration. Networking is crucial for expanding one’s knowledge of numerous career possibilities and opportunities. A coffee chat with a professional, who was once in your shoes as a student in the English department, can inspire your interest in a new field or help you gain a unique opportunity. Connect is a valuable tool for your networking process, as it presents a list of alumni who are ready and eager to chat with you about their jobs and fields. I would definitely recommend that students in the English department use Connect to start exploring and learn more about themselves."

—Haebin Pan, Student, SFU Department of English


"Connect: The English Alumni Network is designed to specifically counter the argument that English is a dead-end field. As students, it allows us to talk to real people who have accomplished real things with their English degrees. The vast range of professionals who are a part of the program opens our eyes to the potential we hold. The first thing we see when we sign in is a list of the many fields that are open to us, which is not only reassuring, but also inspiring. As students, we have the opportunity to browse through these professions and contact the alumni who are a part of the program. The website also gives us plenty of resources on how to approach these professionals. I know how nerve-wracking it can be to send that first email, but there are many supports in place to ensure we are successful. Plus, the alumni want us to email them. They are excited to hear from us and eager to share their knowledge and experiences."

—Nimrit Basra, Student, SFU Department of English