Supporting your success

As an undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University (SFU), you have access to a number of student resources and valuable services.

SFU Resources

Undergraduate student advising

Do you have questions about SFU English's programs? Contact our undergraduate advisor.

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Arts & Social Sciences Co-op

Connect with a diverse range of job opportunities and employers to help you gain practical job experience.

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SFU career services

Learn about career possibilities when you study in the Department of English.

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SFU Health & Counselling

SFU Health & Counselling provides physical and mental health support services to all SFU students.

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English Undergraduate students are eligible for various scholarships, awards, and bursaries.

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Academic & Scholarly Resources

Academic Integrity

"All members of the University community share the responsibility for the academic standards and reputation of the University. Academic integrity is a cornerstone of the development and acquisition of knowledge. It is founded on principles of respect for knowledge, truth, scholarship and acting with honesty. Upholding academic integrity is a condition of continued membership in the university community." ⁠

—SFU Policy S 10.01, 1.3

* Academic Integrity (REV 2014).pdf
Academic Integrity (revised 2014)


The SFU Department of English is committed to fairness and impartiality in the evaluation of student work. For the letter grades, numerical equivalents, and general evaluation criteria that we use in our classes, please review the department’s grading standards, available below.


Modern Language Association Style Guide

The SFU Department of English (like English departments at most North American universities) requires that all work follow the formatting guidelines developed by the Modern Language Association, or MLA for short.  Some departments at SFU use other formatting guidelines like APA style.

The MLA Style Guide will introduce you to MLA formatting. If you continue in English studies, you will want to purchase a writer's handbook and study MLA style in greater detail.

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The Student Learning Commons  provides expert and friendly help with academic writing, learning, and study strategies — in an environment of collaboration, discussion, and peer learning.