Professor David Chariandy speaks to CBC Radio about the film, "Brother"

March 16, 2023

David Chariandy spoke about the wide theatrical release of the film version of his novel, "Brother" on the March 16th episode of CBC Radio's Early Edition with Stephen Quinn.

Chariandy praised director Clement Virgo's ability to weave "together the two timelines of his book in a very seemless way." He also spoke about the beauty of the movie's cinematography and "the tenderness of the lens on the family and this story."

Though Chariandy emphasizes that his book and the film are fictional, he describes some real elements in both that he took from his experience growing up in Scarborough, Ontario.

"I grew up feeling a certain gaze of judgment, and at times real hostility upon me," says Chariandy. "I think this film is wrestling with that. Under that gaze, how do you live and love and care for those around you?"

Listen to the full interview here.