English Network Relaunch Party fun for alumni, students, professors, and staff

March 26, 2024
Professors James Fleming, Mike Everton, Ronda Arab, Jon Smith, and SFU English alumni and students

On March 21st, 2024, about 60 SFU English alumni, students, professors, and staff made their way to SFU Burnaby's The Study for an afternoon of fun and networking at the English Network Relaunch Party. Connect: The English Alumni Network brings together current SFU English students and alumni. English alumni can act as mentors, offer job advice and job shadowing opportunities, and much more to current English students looking for career advice and employment opportunities as they prepare to enter the workforce. This event relauched the network, after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event began with a BINGO game in which students and alumni could ask each other probing questions like, "who prefers to take classes during the day?" and "who doesn't like poetry?" During the mingling session that followed, some took the opportunity to chat, whereas others showed their competive spirit.

Socializing and networking at The Study
Profs. David Coley and Matt Hussey take this very seriously!
Deanne Esdale

The event continued with a presentation from SFU career coach Deanne Esdale. She discussed the services available to students and alumni, as well as some of the careers SFU English graduates pursue.

Alumni and students then teamed up for English literature and SFU trivia. Could you answer some of the questions that stumped them?

  • What is the name of Mr. Rochester's house in Jane Eyre?
  • What is the name of the canoe placed on Burnaby campus in 2015?

Many thanks to SFU English alumnus (1999) Ryan Cousineau for hosting the trivia event.

We'd also like to thank The Sybaritic String Band, featuring Professor Leith Davis, who entertained everyone for the last hour.

The Sybaritic String Band

The event included two door prizes one for a student, won by English Student Union vice president Victoria San Martin. The other prize, generously donated by SFU Alumni, was won by Negin Alavi.

SFU English would also like to thank the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences for their support of this event.

SFU English alumni, students, professors, and staff, thanks for making this such a memorable occasion!


1. SFU English alumni door prize winner: Negin Alavi (presented by Vivian Chang from SFU Alumni); SFU English student door prize winner: Victoria San Martin (presented by Prof. Diana Solomon)

2. SFU English students and alumni at The Study

3. Prof. Leith Davis, SFU English alumnus Laura Penner, Prof. Carolyn Lesjak, and Prof. Diana Solomon

4. SFU English manager Lynn Kool and Chair's Assistant Tara Parsons

5. SFU English alumnus Hannah Tregidgo (Bellamy), Prof. Carolyn Lesjak, and Prof. Diana Solomon