Ergonomics at SFU: Building Healthy Workplaces

Occupational Ergonomics Certificate

The SFU Occupational Ergonomics Certificate is a specialization for Kinesiology majors in the Active Health and Rehabilitation concentration. Completion of the certificate gives students the skills required to gain a competitive edge in industry, whether as an Ergonomist, Corporate Wellness Consultant or Active Rehabilitation Professional. The academic background, skills and practical experience offered within the Occupational Ergonomics Certificate are designed to facilitate application to become a Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist.

"The Occupational Ergonomics Certificate opened an array of career opportunities that I didn't know were possible. It started with an interest in ergonomics and has now led to a career in occupational therapy (OT). The certificate program initially introduced me to OT in a practical placement looking at assistive technology and return to work services for office spaces. Prior to this experience I had little knowledge or understanding of the OT scope of practice. I hope to supplement my future OT career with knowledge of ergonomics acquired though the certificate program."

 Desiree Mitchell BSc, MSc.OT Candidate U of A

"As a physiotherapist, I am constantly focused on how to help a person’s body move at their best– flexibility, strength, endurance, control… I am grateful for the Ergonomics I learned in BPK at SFU as it helps me add in the next step: tips on how to change the environment to benefit a person’s performance.

Midori Handford BSc, MScPT
Registered Physiotherapist, Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre 

Student Ergonomics Group

The Student Ergonomics Group at SFU is a great way to get involved and meet fellow students interested in Ergonomics.  You can create networking experiences, organize site visits and provide input into the National Task Force on Student Engagement. Look for Student Ergonomics Group events on the Calendar below and on our Instagram account: (Available soon)  You can also join the SEBC facebook page. For more information or to join the group, contact Lavisha Katyal at


Graduate work

BPK does not have a specific Masters or Doctorate program in Ergonomics.  Some of our students however take on MSc and PhD work related to Ergonomics.  A summary of recent research by Alex Korall and Chantelle Lachance on assessing push-pull forces in health care is decribed here.

Ergonomics Event Calendar

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Anne-Kristina Arnold

Senior Lecturer

Phone: (778) 782-5213
Courses: BPK 180, BPK340, BPK 381, BPK 482

Research Interests:
Ergonomics, design, occupational environments, repetitive strain injury, psychosocial issues

Ryan Dill

Senior Lecturer

Phone: (778) 782-7851 
Courses: BPK 105C, BPK 110, BPK 310, BPK 343

Undergraduate Advisor

Sophie Dunbar
Phone: 778-782-3573
Room: K9633