Jericho Beach Park

Ecological Integrity Assessment of Naturally Managed Areas in Vancouver Parks 

Adam Braz, Kyree Chen, Sijin Chen, Biao Geng, and Matthew Takeushi 


This report provides a methodology for the ecological integrity assessment of the natural managed areas (NMA) within Jericho Park. By conducting field experiments, analyzing and interpreting the obtained data, we have developed management recommendations for this site. The physical condition, species composition and biodiversity, and external disturbances are assessed and assigned different weights according to their relative importance to the park’s ecological integrity and overall quality. Our approach covers a wide range of parameters that are critical factors in most NMAs and focuses on providing a holistic assessment for developing management strategies. 


Going forward we think that the continual protection of native late-successional growth and the removal of invasive species will be urgent in ensuring Jericho parks ecological integrity. It was evident in our data that Jericho Park's primary issue was its poor biodiversity. Invasive species such as English Ivy, threaten the diversity of other plant species and reduce the resilience of the ecosystem. Therefore, invasive species must be controlled to ensure the long term sustainability of the park.

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Final Report