October 04, 2022
Project Prepared By: Connor Furman, Qian Hu, Jasraj Jaspal Singh, & Chenghao Yang

what is the project about?

This report outlines the preliminary investigation, methodology development, and testing of a statistical model designed to help Green Rainwater Infrastructure (GRI) planners assess plant distributions in GRI sites. The assessment of plant distribution provides relative scores for different useful indices representing various ecosystem-level characteristics, such as pollinator-friendliness, biodiversity, and resistance to environmental extremes. The preliminary objective of the project was to aid in improving GRI sites as pollinator habitats. However, the additional indices in the model and the flexibility to add or replace components means the tool can be repurposed for any goal of the GRI planners, as well as planners of any other small, urban green spaces.

Proposed Indicators

  • Connectivity - modification of index for connectivity, point-based scoring system as the standard, & data collection.
  • Plant Diversity - modification of scoring system for plant dversity indices 
  • Thermal Comfort Potential - modification of scoring system for thermal comfort potential index
  • Climate adaptation - Drought/Flood tolerance
  • Pollinator Friendliness