Why you should be active in our student union

"What's the point of our student union?", "What are the benefits of being active in the EVSCSU?" and "Why should I get involved?". We get asked these questions by many students so we compiled a list of several reasons why YOU should be active in the EVSCSU.

  1. We host lots of fun events for you to meet and socialize with people (with free food!)
  2. We hold several workshops each year that can help give you an edge while looking for jobs (Wilderness First Aid certified, learning how to use R)
  3. Many volunteer and career opportunities get posted in our Facebook group, Instagram Page, or Discord
  4. It's a great way to engage with more experienced students who have been around longer to learn some tips about getting through school or some tricky classes
  5. You can become better involved within the SFU community which could help open more doors for you down the road
  6. You can find a second home at school in our lovely common room, located in TASC 2, room 9701
  7. We’re all super friendly and aren’t too large of a group, so our meetings are a great way to meet people if you’re on the shy side
  8. You’re already helping to fund us! By enrolling in an EVSC class at SFU, part of your tuition goes toward our student union. So why not help us best use these resources and voice what you're interested in!
  9. Did we mention free food at our events?


How to be active in EVSCSU

If you're in the EVSC Program at SFU or are enrolled in an EVSC or REM course at SFU, the best way to be involved in our student union is to come to one of our weekly meetings! Meeting information can be found in our About Us page. However, we understand that everyone has a busy schedule and know many of you may not be able to come to our meetings. If that's the case, you can also stay up to date by joining our Facebook group, Instagram PageDiscord, or by talking to one of our executive members. We can often be found in our common room located in TASC 2, room 9701.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us through email or our Facebook groupInstagram Page, or Discord.