Hear from Our Faculty 

Dr. Angelica Lim
Computing Science

"Our excellent computing science faculty members are at the top of their field, which has led to coninuously high rankings of our program within Canada. We offer courses throughout the year with our trimester system, to accelerate your studies and offer a flexible learning environment. 

We have a successful and strong co-op program, the second largest in Canada, with a well-designed, hands-on curriculum. You will have the opportunity to specialize in on eof our exciting concentrations, which include artificial intelligence, information systems, computer graphics and multimedia, and more."

Dr. Ash M. Parameswaran
Engineering Science

"Engineering science, an interdisciplinary program, provides students with opportunity to explore on of five options: biomedical engineering, computer engineering, electronics engineering, systems engineering and engineering physics. Our curriculum provies a strong background in engineering principles and science combining hands-on labs with practical experience. Our technical communication and co-op programs provide experience to be a well-rounded engineer ready to contribute to industry.

Our vision of education supplements technical content with an understanding of the economic, ethical and human contexts of engineering work, which are needed to address complex engineering projects and social issues."

Dr. Helen Bailey
Mechatronic Systems Engineering

"Mechatronics is about bringing mechanical systems to life via power, motors, sensors, and actuators. It's the place where cyber meets physical. You can learn to design intelligent systems, with mechanical devices, electronics and embedded software controllers to build what is needed in today's market."

Dr. Mehran Ahmadi
Sustainable Energy Engineering

"You should join sustainable energy engineering if you are concerned about climate change and looking to learn practical ways to address some of those issues. By joining the program, you will be a part of an engineering school with a diverse group of goal-driven students, faculty, and staff who are passionate about the environment."

Dr. Kay C. Wiese
Software Systems

"The software systems program focuses on the integration of software and computer systems. Students will gain knowledge and experience through a series of software engineering and computer systems courses, such as distributed and embedded computing. To prepare students for the owrkforce, they will learn to develop significant, complex, and integrated software in line with industry standards."