Student Life

The Satellite Design Team is designing, building and launching a satellite into space with the Canadian Space Agency. They also work with high altitude balloons and organize community outreach events to inspire children with their projects.

The Faculty of Applied Sciences is home to a number of student societies, groups and teams that host networking events, mentorship programs, competitions, community outreach, and industry field trips. Some of our competitive teams also build projects for national and international challenges. These connections and experiences will last beyond your undergraduate years.

At the start of every fall semester, students are welcomed back to campus with live music, games, and treats.
Applied sciences students at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing in Florida.
The Mechatronic Systems Engineering Student Society (MSESS) organizes the annual SystemsFair, where students, faculty and industry leaders are able to connect.
Women in Clean Tech (WiCT) is an all-inclusive club that connects students in STEM and facilitates cleantech initiatives and projects.
Team Phantom encourages student innovation through engineering design and manufacturing of a high-performance electric race cars from scratch to compete in the Formula SAE Electric competition.