SFU and Zhejiang University launch Canada's first graduate-level dual degree program

September 01, 2010

The Faculty of Applied Sciences launched the dual degree Computing Science graduate program, the first of its kind in Canada, with Zhejiang University (ZU) in Hangzhou, China. By studying at two internationally recognized universities, students have an opportunity to work with world-class researchers and industry partners from both countries, benefit from diverse scientific research approaches, and gain a major career advantage in the global market.

The Graduate Dual Degree Program in Computing Science builds upon the success of the five-year undergraduate dual degree program between Simon Fraser University (SFU) and ZU. Strong student response to the undergraduate program led to the creation of a graduate-level program. In addition, the program will meet industry demand for high caliber professionals who are able to conduct collaborative, leading-edge research.

Under the program, students will acquire graduate degrees (Masters or PhD) from each university. Both the School of Computing Science at SFU and the College of Computer Science and Technology at Zhejiang University (ZU) offer strong PhD programs, with many world-class research areas. The research at SFU focuses on advanced theory and methodology, while the research at ZU focuses on applying theory and methodology to practice.

Students acquire a breadth of knowledge by taking courses from both universities in the subjects of algorithms and theory, computer systems and applications. In addition to the core requirements, Graduate Dual Degree Program students are required to meet the program’s social sciences and language requirements. Initially, about 15 students will be admitted annually for the Dual Master's Degree Program and five-to-six students annually for the Dual PhD Degree Program.

For more information, please contact:

Karen Lee
Communications Officer
Faculty of Applied Sciences
Direct:  778-782-8923
Email:  k_lee@sfu.ca