Instructor Amr Marzouk shows new state-of-the-art industrial training assembly line equipment to mechatronics students Anahita Mahmoodi and Mouataz Kaddoura. Both are enrolled in the Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certification Program that starts in August.

SFU/Siemens Canada partnership reaps new certification and learning opportunities for B.C. engineering students and professionals

July 11, 2017

Press Release:
This story originally appeared on SFU News.

A new partnership between Simon Fraser University and Siemens Canada will provide advanced learning and certification opportunities to B.C. engineering students, as well as professionals, starting this August.

The collaboration was announced at an industry engagement day hosted by SFU in partnership with Siemens and the City of Surrey. The collaboration comprises the Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certification Program (SMSCP), which will be offered at the Surrey campus, and an in-kind grant of sophisticated Siemens Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software.

Mechatronics integrates mechanical, electrical and computer engineering to build complex systems ranging from home appliances to automated manufacturing systems. This holistic, hands-on approach to engineering can improve efficiency, productivity and quality, and ultimately decrease time to market. Industries that benefit greatly from mechatronics systems include aerospace, materials processing, machine building, automotive, transportation, building technologies and mining.

Beginning in August 2017, SFU will offer the globally recognized Siemens program to qualified students (from all post-secondary institutions) as well as professionals interested in advancing their skills in automation and manufacturing. Upon completing the program, participants will receive mechatronic systems certification directly from Siemens.

"As Canada’s engaged university, SFU is proud to partner with Siemens, a world leader in high-technology manufacturing," says Joanne Curry, SFU vice-president, external relations.

"This certification will give program participants a clear advantage as they pursue careers in automation and manufacturing, and will equip them with the skills and knowledge to meet the changing needs of industry. We are excited to provide such opportunities for SFU students and other B.C. students and professionals."

SFU will also receive an in-kind grant of Siemens PLM software, giving students in the Faculty of Applied Sciences the same software technology in their classrooms that 77,000 customers around the world use to design some of today's most sophisticated products.

SFU is one of only seven Canadian schools to offer the SMSCP courses, which will be taught by SFU instructors who are certified professional engineers and have trained at the Siemens Technik Academy in Berlin, Germany. Siemens is the only global industrial company to offer the internationally recognized mechatronics certification program, which in Canada is offered through the Siemens Canada Engineering & Technology Academy based in Oakville, ON.

“The skills needed for the future of manufacturing are very different from what is currently required, and that means students need to train today for the jobs of tomorrow,” says Bo Ouyang, executive vice-president and CFO, Siemens Canada.

“We have a great academic partner in Simon Fraser University, which believes this as well, and together we will help provide students with the technology and training to become leaders of this digital future.”

Applications are currently being accepted for the Level 1 SMSCP courses that begins in mid-August. The course framework allows students and professionals to continue working or studying full-time while enrolled in the program. More details about SFU’s SMSCP course schedule and application deadlines can be found at